Second Look (a project of DAMS, Inc.) is a national, educational non-profit initiative. We are concerned with the science and politics of public policies based on "acceptable" levels of risk that result in "low-level" toxic contamination with possible long-term health and environmental damage. (Please see About SL for a more detailed explanation of who we are.)

Second Look has always been concerned with the ubiquitous but "invisible" contamination by fluorides and fluorine compounds from all sources, and the resulting toxicity in humans and the environment.

We are proud of our huge Bibliography of Scientific Literature on Fluoride, through which one can access abstracts for most of the references, and whole papers or excerpts for many. Virtually all of our listings are peer-reviewed articles from mainstream medical, dental, and scientific journals worldwide, and most offer legitimate reason for concern regarding the health effects of fluoride toxicity.

One area of Second Look’s concern has been the public policy of water fluoridation, its health and environmental impacts, and its complexity as a social and ethical issue. provides scientifically oriented information representing all sides of the fluoridation and oral health policy related issues, from the best sources available. Read, compare, and decide for yourselves.

Do you think you may be fluoride poisoned? We also provide scientific and medical information on fluoride poisoning and related health effects in individuals. In recent years, we have been concentrating efforts on our developing program, The Fluoride Toxicity Research Collaborative (FTRC). This unique program seeks to help individuals suffering from fluoride illness, both chronic and acute, while engaging in research projects to make that end more feasible. Go to the FTRC WebCenter for more information about fluoride poisoning and suggestions for how you can help yourself.

We are currently preparing to publish our first book, Fluoride Illness: A Guide to Identification and Treatment, which is being written primarily to help health professionals recognize and treat fluoride toxicity in their patients. We will announce on this website when this high-quality book is ready and how to obtain copies. We will be publishing a version for lay-persons along with the text for health professionals. We also expect to publish a third book, this one on fluoride poisoning in animals, around the same time as the first two.

We have started a very special FTRC project: an online listing of fluorinated pharmaceuticals.  As we develop this list, we expect to offer detailed information on each drug to aid laypersons, health professionals, and researchers in their quest to learn what they can about the relative toxicity of these medications.

We are now in the process of launching our newest– and non-fluoride - program, which concerns exposure to Electrical and Magnetic Fields and resulting health effects. We are currently constructing a third website-within-our-website, the EMFTS WebCenter, along with its own separate Bibliography, to provide scientific information on this controversial issue.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like one of our experts to contact your organization or government institution.

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Updated September 17th, 2014