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About Second Look

Second Look is a national non-profit initiative (a project of DAMS, Inc.) that evolved from grassroots frustration with public policies that are so controversial that useful, factual information becomes almost impossible for the public and even professionals to sort out. Second Look's main goal is to facilitate full public and scientific examinations of public policy issues that have become obscured by media treatment (or lack thereof), or by political rhetoric, or because of the inaccessibility of accurate information to relevant constituencies. We seek to connect with science, health, environmental, and academic organizations and professionals.

We are concerned with both the science and the politics of public policies based on “acceptable” levels of risk that result in “low-level” toxic contamination with possible long-term health and environmental damage. Our educational approach is in the context of precaution and prevention, employing analysis of the safest alternatives.

Fluoride Science and Policy
One focus has been on the public policy of water fluoridation, its health and environmental impacts, and its complexity as a social and ethical issue. We recognize that the question of fluoridation has been stuck in the quagmire of contentious political debate on the local level for over sixty years. However, in light of recent, peer-reviewed, biological and epidemiological research, we have been initiating ways to elevate the discussion and shift it towards a more objective analysis of the health and environmental concerns. (See Our Projects).

Besides water fluoridation, several other public policies, whether explicit or implicit, promote the industrial, medical, and agricultural uses of fluorides, with the net result of accumulation, if not saturation, of fluorides in our natural environment and our bodies. These bioaccumulative environmental contaminants go virtually unnoticed - by the government, by scientists, by medical personnel, and by the public.

In short, there is much that is known about the science of fluoride and fluoridation that is not reaching those who ought to know.  Also, there is much that is not known about fluoride's long-term impacts on health and the environment that ought to be known.  Second Look seeks to get the information that is known to those who ought to know, and to stimulate research into that which is not well enough known about fluoride's toxic effects.  Second Look is also involved in efforts to reverse the “invisibility” of fluoride as an environmental contaminant, in part through coalitions with other organizations involved in matters of environmental health.

Fluoride Poisoning in Individuals
We are becoming increasingly active in our efforts to help those suffering from fluoride poisoning by encouraging research into both chronic and acute fluoride toxicity, as well as educating medical personnel and others who could help poisoned individuals (please see SLweb’s developing  FTRC WebCenter section.)  In addition, we offer informal information to those afflicted so that they may better help themselves to feel better.  We are currently producing two books on fluoride illness, one written primarily for health professionals, and the other for veterinarians.

Electromagnetic Radiation
We are now in the planning stages of instituting our next program, which is not fluoride-based.  Another controversial public policy-related issue is that of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and its potential health effects.  Our world is continually creating sources of EMR, and little has been done to study or control the increasing environmental contamination from these many sources.  The science that is known is concerning, but hard to find.  Second Look intends to present the science on this issue in the same fair way it has with fluoride issues.

Second Look Advisory Board and Staff