Thank you for visiting our EMFTS WebCenter, the online information center for Second Look’s EMF Toxicity Science program.

Electrical and magnetic fields (EMFs) are literally everywhere.  EMFs are measured in various forms, including:  EMR (electromagnetic radiation), EMI (electromagnetic interference), EHF (extremely high frequency), ELF (extremely low frequency), and RFI (radio frequency interference).  They are generated from many different sources in and outside of homes and businesses.  We are using the abbreviation “EMF” to refer generically to all types of radiation and sounds that are emitted from these various sources.

While home appliances produce some EMFs, we will focus more attention on those generated by human-created high-tech apparatus including, but not limited to: cell phones, cell phone towers, all wireless devices, power lines, microwave ovens, GPS tracking devices, satellite systems, TV and radio broadcast towers, etc.

The huge and growing concentration of these artificial EMFs is of much concern to those who understand this type of exposure as a health hazard, and who consider this problem to be “electro-pollution”.  Many people are not aware that the radiation produced from these devices can be damaging to their health.  While most people are currently not consciously aware of any ill effects, a small but increasing number of individuals are experiencing health issues they have identified as originating with exposure to EMFs.

Indeed, there is a growing body of scientific studies that call into question the safety of living with this burgeoning bombardment of EMFs.  Many basic questions are still unanswered, if rarely asked.  Among these are:  How much exposure is too much exposure?  Are EMF effects cumulative, as are X-ray and other radiation effects?  Can harm be quantified and predicted by intensity of exposure?  By type of exposure?  By longevity of exposure?  By frequency of exposures?  By synergistic combinations of different types of EMFs?  By synergistic combinations with other environmental toxins?  What range of health effects have been reported by individuals?  Do public health and other government agencies acknowledge health effects from EMF exposure? 

This website will offer a rational approach to this controversial public policy issue.  We will present the best science on this subject that we can find, in an attempt to address as many questions as possible.  Most of our information will be centered on the possible health effects caused or exacerbated by EMF exposure.  Please join our journey into this largely uncharted territory.